Long time no see/talk/blog/comment...

Y'all miss me? hope so 'cause I for sure miss you all. No joke, I think about you often and while life has been crazy busy, I've had moments where I really longed for our community. 

For those who aren't connected on Facebook (what you waiting for by the way, make it happen YO), the main reason I've been MIA is because my wife and I had a baby. 

Well, technically she had a baby and I stood by her with pompoms and cheered her on. Thankfully though I went in prepared. Yes the first few hours were hard but after an energy drink, a few hours of intercessory prayer and some epidural, I pulled through. 

What was that? You want to see a picture? Fine. If you insist. 


There are some people that are easy going.

They can float through life, going right over, through and under the waves of life, shaking it off every single time. They are ducks.

Then there are others, who cannot shake it off. They neither float, nor dive, nor shake very easily. In fact, instead of salt water dripping from the tips of their hair, it comes pouring out of their eyes.

My middle son is just such a person. As much as he tries, he cannot float, he cannot stay dry; he is not a duck.

Jesus won't take your pigeon phone away.

Anyone know where I can find a low maintenance bi-lingual passenger pigeon? 

You know, like one that my daughter can send from school with a note tied to it's feet letting me know her practice is over and she needs picked up? 

Cause it's either that or I have to get her a phone and I really do NOT want to get her a phone, so texting via pigeon it is. 

Or pigeons? 

Maybe I can buy her like 10 passenger pigeons so she can keep up with her friends when they text each other from like 2 feet apart. Wait, what? The last passenger pigeon died in 1914? 

*moment of silence* 

The simplest way anyone change the world today.

Want to change the world today?

Look at someone and really listen when they talk to you.

That's it.

Looking at someone when you talk to them in a room full of other people is one of the easiest ways to change the world by loving people.

The other day I was halfway in a conversation with a new friend when I found my eyes wondering.

What's going on over there? Is there someone else I'd rather talk to? I wonder what they are talking about over there? I can't wait to go talk to that other person.

Extroverts. Introverts. We all do this.

The bible VS tiniest bike in the world.

When I was 12 I wanted a BMX bike and I made sure my mom knew it. 

I left notes on her night stand, in her purse and on her dash board. 

For weeks I ran every errand and swept through my chores with a 'get me that bike' smile. And to add a little cherry on top of the delightful treat I was serving my parents, I let them know that if they bought me a bike, I would never doubt their love for me again. 

Greater love has no mom than she who buys her son a BMX bike. 


"I don't want Jesus... I want his stuff"

Have you ever had a relationship with someone who wanted nothing from you? 

I have. 
I do. 
Right now with my 2 year old daughter. 

It's the strangest thing. A lot of times when we play she doesn't want anything from me. She's not asking for candy or toys or a trip to Disney world. Nah, she just wants to be with me. 

Don't get wrong, If I whip out candy, a toy or take her to Disney she would probably flip. And quite frankly if she asked for any of those things I wouldn't hold it against her. 

But most of the time she doesn't.

Most of the time she just wants to play with me. She just wants to be tickled, swirled around, tossed high in the air (when my wife isn't watching), chased around and wrestled (in a princess kind of way).

Somebody wants your grubs.

'The grass is greener'. 

You don't say. See, somewhere between the last fall and spring season, a plague of grubs was unleashed on my yard and now my front lawn looks like the patchy, sun-burnt head of a bald guy with a terrible comb-over.

In fact I'm pretty sure if you went on Google earth right now and you hovered over North America, you'd see the big brown spot that's my front lawn. 

It. Is. Bad. 

And to make matters worse, my neighbor has perfect lush grass. The kind that we'll have in heaven. The kind that you have to take your shoes off for before walking on it. The kind that makes you want to hug a puppy. 

His grass is definitely greener. 

How to hug the moon (or what to do when Jesus feels so far away)

Sometimes you're further than the moon, sometimes you're closer than my skin... -David Crowder

Well ain't that true? 

Isn't that the tension we so often live in? Some days Jesus feels about as far from reach as the furthest stars in our galaxy and other days, he's so close you feel like the moon just crash landed on your lap. 

I've had a couple of the latter days recently. Do you guys mind if I share some of those stories? 

I hope you nodded yes cause I was going to anyways. Just thought I'd be nice and ask. 

Why Christians in whitey tighties & tube socks > Christians in spandex and capes.

I've wanted to be a superhero ever since I can remember.

Not the metaphoric real life mother Theresa type hero. No, I wanted to be a literal comic book super hero. Spandex, capes, secret identity and all. 

I actually remember contemplating sticking my hands in a fuse box as a kid in hopes of an electromagnetic-transformation. I can see the headlines already:

"6 year old boy with ninja turtle sheets tied around his neck fries his Afro after bear hugging a circuit breaker" 

It's scary to think how far I was wiling to go to be somebody else. Fortunately I didn't kill myself trying to alter my identity. Unfortunately I found a different easier way to be someone I'm not... 

Why you should ask Jesus for a magic carpet ride "AGAIN".

My 2 year old daughter is never content and I love it. 

I love that she always, always wants more. Except she doesn't say more. She says "again". 

Do something even remotely cool with her and before you're done she's screaming again again and again. 

Again daddy. 
Piggy back ride again? 
Toss me up and down again? 
Horsey ride again? 

Magic carpet ride again? 

So get this. Somehow my wife convinced my daughter that sitting in a blanket while being carried around the room is a magic carpet ride and now she can't get enough.