Why I'm leaving my wife and 2 week old baby.

It's 11PM and my wife and I are sitting on the couch crying. 

It turns out this is going to be a lot harder than we ever imagined. 

We didn't go into this blindly. We counted the cost. We sought spiritual counsel. We also considered every scenario front and back. Even sideways. 

It was a tough decision but we both decided that I needed to do it. I needed to leave soon after our baby would be born. 

I honestly can't tell you how much I'm going to miss my girls. I want to cry just thinking about it, but I gotta do this.

I have to be a voice for the voiceless. Starting Saturday, I'm doing a long tour with Food for the hungry (with Mandisa & Laura Story). 

I’m grateful for this platform because I know that a lot of people would do anything for an opportunity like this, but truth is, I'm not doing this for the “opportunity”.  

I'm also not doing it for the cool factor or the fame. There were seasons in life when those things were extremely enticing, but not now. Not when I have a 2 week old daughter

No way Jose. Quite frankly those would be stupid reasons to leave. There's only one thing that can pull me away from this season of life. Only one truth, this truth: 

Every 5 seconds, a child in this world starves to death. 

Every flipping 5 seconds. 

If that's not a hill worth dying on, I don't know what is. 

So yes it's gonna be brutal missing all those days with Eden, Bebe and my wife. But big picture wise, it’s a small price to pay if God does what I’m hoping for.

God willing, I'll have plenty more days with my kids. The tragedy is thousands of parents can't even say that about today because there's no food on the table.

And that's why I’ll leave. I’ll fight. I'll speak. I'll cry at every show. I'll plead on behalf of all the moms who have to rock a starving kid to sleep tonight. 

I know this tour won't cure all world hunger. I know the battle will still be fierce and long but we keep fighting nonetheless because in the end we win. 

So there you have it. That's what I'm up to. I'm about to go into battle and I need your help.  
Not everyone can do what I'm doing for hungry children but everyone can do something about the hungry. 

Here's one real way you can help today: 

I know it's gonna sound so cliche but I really need this community to please stand behind me on this journey with prayer. Some weeks ago I saw you guys rise in prayer like I’ve never seen before. I’m asking if you’ll do it again for all those kids who woke up this morning hungry.

I've seen God do some awesome things on past tours. This time around I want to see God do something beyond anything we've ever seen before. I want him to literally blow my mind. 

Last tour saw 600 kids sponsored. I want to trust God for thousands this time. 

Yea only God can do that.

So will you please pray with me? Pray for me? Will you pray that God does an incredible thing on this tour? Lets get our prayer on again in the comments section.

Also, if I sent special email updates of every show (how many kids sponsored, things to celebrate & pray for e.t.c), would you want to be a part of it? If so, please join my personal email list here.

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